JavaScript library- a per-written JavaScript that allows effortless development of applications (JavaScript based), peculiarly for web-centrist technologies and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).


We are just into an another era of new technology where you will encounter lots of development in frameworks and web applications. And this is the time to get the spirit of time and choosing for best one. There are so many frameworks and libraries for front-end development and some of them are ambiguously amazing and some of them are not so good. Most of the time, we do opt or like exceptional syntax, tool or concept. The development of JavaScript that makes work easier for web developers, considering to be the most powerful JavaScript programming language and enabling developers to easily develop -Java Script based web applications.


Whether you pick modernized or crave technologies for front end development for your special projects but the new frameworks in JavaScript is always a stunning choice for you. And if you have seen or liked internet surfing then you know how popular they are right now. There are lots of people have been curious about the speed, development and advantages of various frameworks inJava developmentsuch as Backbone.js, Angular.js, Knockout, Ember.js etc.

Get Started With Famo.Us- The New Framework


The new JavaScript framework- is officially launching the public beta test of it. This new and advanced version allows developers to create fast & powerful apps with the help of HTML5 that are considered to be as speedy as native applications in Java web services development. And that being said that apps are not considered to be complicated and web browsers were meant for simple text and images.


The new will be completely free of cost and open source and will be providing optional cloud services that developers can subscribe it.