An online assessment system to test the knowledge and skills of students in the easiest way.

Client: Navvy Education

Technology Used: Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Industry: Education

Navvy (rhymes with “savvy”) is an evidence-based, standards-level assessment system that helps leaders, teachers, and students navigate learning by providing on-going, real-time diagnosis of standards mastery using cutting-edge, research-proven data science. Data science is unique to Navvy Education and enables feedback to be reliable for specific standards while keeping the assessments short. 

As a result, Navvy Education supports personalised learning by pinpointing which standards students understand and which standards they still need help to understand. This actionable information can be used to inform meaningful groups of students for targeted instruction and support learning for each child.  Assessment questions are specifically designed for the Navvy Education system and authored by educators with extensive classroom experience and top-notch expertise. 

The Idea

An online application that would enable students to attempt the online assessment.  The system would conduct tests as per the student’s learning pace. Assessments would be on-demand and let users decide when to assess and which standards to assess. 

The Challenges

Personalised Learning Experience

Students would dynamically be guided through assessments, with each succeeding step based on how the student’s answer in the previous question. 

Student’s Database

A centralised database for storing students information. It would be required for personalised real time analytics The database may include contact information, like the student’s name, address, phone number, and email address. 

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The Solution

Third-Party API Integration for Personalized Experience

Third-Party API Integration with Learnosity was used to deliver dynamic assessments that adapt to each learner. Learnosity is an Irish-based education technology company specialising in online assessment solutions. We integrated API that fetches data from Learnosity to conduct tests and to generate a report upon completion. 

Database Integration for Student’s Real Time Analytics

The clever portal offers a synchronised database where students and teachers login for all of their online learning programs and resources, personalised for each student’s needs. We integrated database that fetches student’s details from 90 geographically distributed schools across different locations.

Success Story

Navvy education is a successful education assessment system. The project started with a few schools; presently, 90+ schools are registered on the websites. It’s almost two years of our partnership, and we are still following the road map to make it vast. Success comes with ideas. We help transform ideas into reality. 


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